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For the collector there is information about Reynold Brown in a number of Books and magazines.

Periodicals / Magazines

Year Location Title

1997 The Journal of the Poster Society The Journal of the Poster Society, Summer 1987. "Reynold Brown: Fifties and Sixties Movie Poster Artist Extraordinaire," by Stephen Rebello. Pg 5-8. Good article, fuzzy reproductions of seven movie works.


1991 REVUE REVUE, August 1991. "The Fine Line: Drawings of Reynold Brown" by Franz Brown. Pg 14-15. Short article featuring six drawings by Brown.
1990 The Western Horseman The Western Horseman, April 1990. "Reynold Brown and the Western Tradition," by Franz Brown. Page 30-32. Reproduced four works including Brown’s largest for "The Alamo," an 8x4 feet oil painting currently in the Alamo Museum.
1989 Southwest Art Magazine "Illustrators Part I: The Movie Posters," November 1989, p52, 54-58. This covered the movie poster art of Reynold Brown as well as Frank McCarthy, Robert Peak and Howard Terpning.

Cinefantastique, March 1988. "Selling Nightmares: Movie Poster Artists of the Fifties" by Stephen Rebello. Pg 40-101. This sixty plus page article was extensively illustrated. It included 49 images by Brown.
128pp, color and b&w

1988.  illustrations, softcover wraps. VF.

This 62 page cover article on Reynold Brown, Joseph Smith, Albert Kallis, and other artists carried numerous reproductions from the original paintings.

1988 Southwest Art Magazine "Legacy of a Master Instructor" October 1988, p62-63. Reynold Brown teaching at Art Center College of Design (California).
1988 NEBRASKAland NEBRASKAland, July 1988. "Remember Reynold Brown," by Don Cunningham. Pg 26-35. Included 12 images by Brown. This article gives a sense of the wide range of the work of Brown including material done before and after the movie poster material.

1972 Westerner Westerner, July-August 1972. "Paint Brush and Saddle." Pg 36-37. Short discussion of Reynold Brown included three images, western paintings and drawing.

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