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Left: "Reynold Brown: A Life in Pictures" by Daniel Zimmer and David Hornung, 9x12", full color, hardcover. Order online at

Right: During special showings of movies, such as at opening releases, special catalogs and brochures were printed. The Here are some inside pages of the movie catalog used to promote Spartacus featured many paintings by Reynold Brown.

A Life in Pictures, by Dan Zimmer
This book encompasses the career and art of Reynold Brown and is the most comprehensive book available

This item is included in
A Life in Pictures.

Reynold Brown artwork is featured in the following books but he is not the primary subject.

Reynold Brown Aircraft Art
Reynold Brown did many illustrations including aircraft. This started with the comic strip "Tailspin Tommy" for which he did the drawings (not the story/text). From there he progressed to his work for North American Aviation. Some of his aircraft work also appeared in popular periodicals such as Popular Aviation and Popular Science.
"When Art Kept 'Em Flying by Georges Grod

The painting on the cover above was done by J. C. Leyendecker, one of a number of artists that inspired Brown to enter the illustration field.

"When Art Kept 'Em Flying
by Georges Grod
"When Art Kept 'Em Flying" by Georges Grod
This book featuring World War II aircraft artists including work by Reynold Brown was published (2010).

Histoire & Collections
5 avenue de la République
75541 Paris cedex 11

230 x 320mm
176 pages, 500 color pictures
ISBN: 978-2-35250-133-6

This new book includes a few Reynold Brown aircraft cutaways from his work while at North American Aviation. With reference to Reynold's aircraft art work  ". . . These were a Great Success and Reynold Brown was without contest at the top of the artists' hit parade." pg 34.
It is published in English and French "Les Pubs de la Victoire". Website link below. Website is in French and English, click on little Union Jack (flag) to get to English version.

Reynold Brown as Illustrator

Brown's illustration career included newspaper cartoons, magazines, movie posters and record covers.


The Illustrator in America, 1860-2000

By Walt and Roger Reed. Revised edition. (New York, Madison Square Press and Illustration House) Barnes and Noble, 2001. This includes "Curucu, Beast of the Amazon." [Hardcover] 

This book about many distinguished American illustrators includes the artwork of Reynold Brown.


Reynold Brown Movie Poster Art

These books include or refer to movie artwork by Reynold Brown Art: Great Posters From The Golden Age Of The Silver Screen [Hardcover]

Reel Art: Great Posters from the Golden Age of the Silver Screen

By Stephen Rebello and Richard Allen. (New York, Artabras: 1988). This book covers posters prior to 1950 and thus before the time Brown worked in the industry. It never-the-less recognizes his work and identifies Brown as "one of Hollywood’s busiest and best poster artists of the 1950s".

Rebello was author of a comprehensive article on Reynold Brown in Cinefantastique.

Visit Amazon's Stephen Rebello Page


Infinite Worlds: The Fantastic Visions of Science Fiction Art

By Vincent Di Fate with foreword by Ray Bradbury. (New York: Penguin Studio 1997). Featured six works on page 52, 132-133.

The Book of the International Film Poster. By Gregory J. Edwards. (London, Tiger Books International Ltd.. 1988) Featured The Incredible Shrinking Man page 96.          


Reynold Brown Fine Art

Reynold Brown did many fine art paintings. He did a small number of portraits including this of Pope John Paul XXIII used on this cover.

The Good Pope:
The Making of a Saint and the Remaking of the Church--The Story of John XXIII and Vatican II

Publisher:             HARPER COLLINS
Publication Date:             09/2012
Binding:             Hardcover
ISBN-13:             9780062089434
Retail Price:             $26.99
Author:             Greg Tobin

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 Reynold Brown suffered a debilitating stroke in 1976. With the help of his wife, Mary Louise he recovered some of his artistic skills. These books use Reynold Brown and other artists to discuss the relationship of art to brain function.


"The Neurobiology of Painting: Volume 74" by F. Clifford Rose
This discusses the impact of stroke on artists, including Reynold Brown (Pg 176-178). This uses information from this site.

Neuropsychology: The Neural Basis of Mental Function. By Marie Banich Ph. D. (York, PA. Houghton Mifflin, 1997) Pg 437-9. A discussion of Reynold Brown’s stroke and its impact on his art. Four image, three post stroke plus "Man of a Thousand Faces."
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Reynold Brown's movie artwork often appears in other movies or on television. Back to the Future featured a number of Brown's posters in the marquee of the old drive in theatre where some of the first time traveling was done. Brown's poster for the "Attack of the 50 foot Woman" was used in the apartment of Superboy's girlfriend, Lana Lang.

See more of Reynold Brown's Aircraft artwork.


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