Early Poster Work
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This section uses Brown's posters to show his style development up to 1951 when he began working on movie posters. Elements of Reynold Brown's artistic style were developing while he was in high school. The figure work is already well proportioned, the designs are at this stage simple but well conceived. The high school samples presented here are small, about 4 x 5 inches.

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Reynold Brown did a number of poster designs while in Alhambra High School, Alhambra, California (1932-35). His art teacher was Lester M Bonar, a capable artist who had served in World War I. Bonar taught his students to draw and paint, emphasizing skills important for the field of illustration, then at its peak in the United States. Lettering and various printing methods were also taught. Bonar's class produced a number of fine artists and art professionals. Brown remained a close friend of Bonar until Bonar died in the 70s.

The first three designs announce the school annual. The fourth, with a different style, announces a school produced play. These are small sketches or studies which demonstrate strong graphic design elements.

These three designs begin to demonstrate a professional look. The first sketch promotes the school logo, the minutemen. The second almost seems to be political in nature showing refugees against a red sky which on closer inspection contains soldiers. The third item uses historical figures to promote a rail line.

" Killing Time". During World War II Reynold Brown did a poster for North American Aviation to discourage wasting time. It was motivated by his seeing the workers standing around in various hiding places to chat and smoke. The final title was "Killing Time is Killing Men." Strongly negative in its message it was not popular among workers. Under pressure from the unions, the poster was withdrawn from display. The design process may be of interest. A number of early sketches exist. Click on the image .

National Guard


Besides his "Killing Time" poster done while at North American Aviation Brown did a number of posters for the government including one of their CARE posters and a National Guard Poster.

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