"Killing Time" Poster
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Prior to doing movie posters Reynold Brown developed his skills at a number of jobs. During World War II he worked for North American Aviation in Inglewood, California. His most important work was perhaps in the conception and development of inboard drawings of aircraft. While working he often saw men spending work time taking a break to smoke, often in secret. This angered him and he developed the "Killing Time" poster as a result. The resulting poster was resented by the workers and the unions forced its withdrawal from display. Here are some of the thumbnail designs leading up to the final work.

Click the images for larger view and discussion.

Happy German soldier.
Dot Ist Goot

Hey You

Man sits w death clock in background.
Death Clock

Stage lit German soldier holds up allied helmets as trophies.
War Trophies

 Man snaps toy soldiers with finger.
Toy Soldiers

Smoking man sitting on skull.
Smoker on a Skull


Man smoking sitting on soldier's body.
Smoking Man with Body

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