Later Non-Movie Illustration Art 1955-1976

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Besides his many movie poster paintings, Reynold Brown produced illustrations and paintings for commercial accounts such as Mobil Oil, a number of posters and record jacket covers during the fifties and sixties.


Christmas Cards, Record Jackets, Posters, Advertising,

Christmas Cards

Brown did a number of Christmas Card designs which were published by Holiday Artists.

Design 1627. Snowy scene with church set in pines. Tall steeple with bright star above it. cars pulled up to church.

design 1628. Scene in two forest. small fir tree decorated with ornaments lit up with star on top. deer with antlers stand inspecting tree. foot tracks lead to and from tree.

Record Jackets

Presidential Portraits for Records

  • George Washington

  • John Adams

  • Thomas Jefferson

  • James Madison

  • James Monroe

  • John Quincy Adams

  • Andrew Jackson

  • Martin Van Buren

  • William Harrison

  • John Tyler

  • James Polk

  • Zachary Taylor


  • Millard Fillmore

  • Franklin Pierce

  • James Buchanan

  • Abraham Lincoln

  • Andrew Johnson

  • Ulysses S. Grant

  • Rutherford B. Hayes

  • James A. Garfield

  • Chester A. Arthur

  • Grover Cleveland

  • Benjamin Harrison

  • William McKinley


  • Theodore Roosevelt

  • William Howard Taft

  • Woodrow Wilson

  • Warren Harding

  • John Calvin Coolidge

  • Herbert Hoover

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • Harry S. Truman

  • Dwight D. Eisenhower

  • John F. Kennedy

  • Lyndon B. Johnson


Unpublished Paintings 

This small collection of paintings was done for a set of records of children's stories. The records were never published. Click on image to see the ten paintings done in this series. 

Promotional Record Jackets

Brown did a number of record jackets, mostly promoting various products or services.

A set of presidential portraits by Reynold Brown were features on a series of records, "Presidential Profiles". 1966 Kaysonís International Ltd., Los Angeles, CA. Narrated by Art Baker (TV show host for "You Asked For It") each record featured a different portrait. They included all the presidents from George Washington to Lyndon Johnson, 35 paintings. Because of the short time available Brown painted the portraits at the rate of one per day until they were completed.

Brown did a number of jackets for George Garabedian Productions / Mark 56 Records of Anaheim, CA. These included a retail store promotional series featuring the Tijuana Brass, a popular guitar and trumpet ensemble, they included an old yellow convertible taxi. They were drawn in a somewhat cartoon like style. They promoted:

Taco Bell: Musicians around a circular built up outside fireplace. Taco Bell stand in background.

Pet Ice Cream: Musicians at round table being served ice cream.

Union Oil Company: Musicians in the taxi being fueled.

Der Weinerschnitzel: Musicians in balloon floating over weinerschnitzel stand.

Global World Wide Moving: Musicians loading taxi into moving van.

Alpha Beta: Taxi parked next to grocery cart with bag boy handing them groceries.

Pepsi Cola: Musicians in taxi painted as a flat bed truck, with Pepsi sodas on back. A dog chasing a chicken is running by.

Culligan Water Conditioning: Musicians next to and on top of Culligan van.

Tastee-Freez: Musicians next to Tastee-Freez store. Receiving shakes, cone.

Pizza inn: Musicians in taxi next to Pizz inn receiving pizza. Chef next to them tossing pizza.

One of the nicest record jackets was for "First Man on the Moon" (Garabedian Production). It has a Boy Scout up front, a helmeted astronaut behind him, and behind them both a rocket being launched.

A number of additional Garabedian records illustrated by Brown include :

"W.C. Fields Original Radio Broadcasts" done for Standard Oil Company of California.

"Those Magnificant Men in Their Flying Machines" for TWA.

"By The Time I Get to Phoenix" for Phillips 66.

"Remember These" for Alpha Beta.

"Sing Along with Bonnie and Clyde."


Magazine Product Layouts

Kelvinator: ice cream cabinets. "Main Attraction." Boxer giving hands up victory in ring.

"Mobiloil Wins": The original layout shows two racing cars. A blue car with a Pegasus Logo is in the lead. *13x24 gouache on whatman board.

Mobilgas Economy Run #1 *22x15.25" Sun with face, red car scene.

Mobilgas Economy Run #2  *22x15.25" Sun with face, red car scene.

Mobiloil oil ad featuring racing boats. ca 1954

Permutit: Water Conditioning Headquarters. "Whatís Below the Surface" depicts a deep sea diver.


Rexall, super plenamins plus red vitamin B12. ad for vitamins. Smiling head of woman, earring in right ear. , right hand holds vitamin box. Left hand holds large pill.

Advertising Layouts

During the late forties and early fifties Reynold Brown did a number of advertising illustrations.

Some of these were:

Beechcraft Bonanza Model 35: Two roughly drawn color pictures. "You save man-power, man-hours, money with a company owned Beechcraft Bonanza." A businessman walking down from a plane and a woman on a plane waving to a horseman.

Beech Nut Packing Company: "They landed Bare Handed." Pilgrim jumping from a row boat.

Goodyear: "You donít stay first unless youíre best." (1946?) Two pictures. Man driving 1915 style auto (red) in country. Earth with red car (1946) on round trip to the moon. See Sat Eve Post 23 Nov í46, p 78-79

Goodyear, Saturday Evening Post, March 1, 1947. Four drawings. "That driver was really bearing down." Blue and red cars almost have an accident.

Helms Bread. ca. 1950. delivery man in uniform handing bread to viewer. Yellow helms bakery truck in background with blue stripes. Bread loaf packaging says helms bread, choice of

 Olympic champions.


US Savings Bond: US Government Printing Office. 1947. 0-735133: Features a Minuteman statue with New England style village in distance.

CARE: "Our Friends Abroad are Hungry" A middle class US couple, modeled by Reynold and his wife Mary Louise, are shown giving a CARE package to a Germanic looking grandfather with child.

US Coast Guard:

Air National Guard:

Killing Time is Killing Men: This poster featured a worker sitting on the body of a dead soldier smoking a cigarette. A number of preliminary sketches are available under KT in the illustration section. or click image here.

US Army Recruiting Service 1947

Red Cross Poster, March 1951

Mobiloil Wins Indianapolis. ca. 1950 racing car coming towards viewer, driver with yellow helmet. oil can to right. small red racer to left rear.

Ironworker. Man in hard hat, brown duck overalls, right arm extended with heavy glove, thumbs points down. I Beam behind him.


Storyboard, drawings and paintings were produced for a documentary on El Paso Natural Gas. See a few drawings here.

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