Reynold Brown
Tap Roots / Kansas Raiders 1957

This unusual poster presents a double feature. Susan Hayward receives top billing in the text, but Van Heflin is shown in the more usual dominant male position. Heflin also starred in Brown posters for "Once a Thief" and "Tanganyika." (Van Heflin also starred in "Gone With the Wind.")

Boris Karloff, seen here as Tishomingo the indian medicine man, was one of Brown's favorite people to portray. He too appears in a number of Brown posters. 

World War II hero Audie Murphy was a star of "Kansas Raiders," as was Tony Curtis. Although Murphy is not portrayed here, he was featured in Brown's poster for "To Hell and Back", in which Murphy played himself in his heroic effort. Murphy also appeared in another western, "The Wild and the Innocent." Brown painted Curtis a number of times also. 


Technique: Gouache (opaque watercolor) on illustration board. Various parts of this item are glued together as a montage. The painted images were cutout from the original painting and reassembled here. Of the text, "Tap Roots is painted, the other material is printed separately and also added on in the assembly process.

23 3/4 x 15 1/4"

Universal International  



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