Fine Art Paintings (List) 1970-1976
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This is a listing of all of Reynold Brown's artwork that might also be called gallery art or fine art (as opposed to illustration) done prior to his stroke in 1976. Most of the work is in private hands, some is known to have been destroyed in fires or other unfortunate disasters.

The family kept track of the paintings through a numbering system (left column). Almost all of the paintings were assigned a number, usually found on the back of the painting. See numbers to the left.

Artwork titles (column 2) sometimes changed.  Most of the material here was sold. Material from a lot of records was assembled to make this list and there are probably errors. Some works were probably sold prior to this numbering system, but Mary Louise Brown developed this system fairly early on in the fine art production stage (about 1970). There are obvious holes to be filled.  The family records included some photos of the original artwork (slides and prints), but in many cases the work was only represented by a small pen or pencil sketch.

In 2011 I started adding pictures of the artwork. The pictures used were from prints and slides, many of them old. Some work was done to the photographs to improve them a bit. They are linked below from their numbers and thumbnails. We welcome your assistance. If you wish your Reynold Brown painting to be added to this listing please send a digital file of the image (if possible, 72 dpi, 10" in longest side, medium quality) plus any information such as number, title, size and medium to Please put Reynold Brown Art in the subject line.

Because of the many images on this list the pages may take a few moments to download. The fine art paintings are all numbered. You may jump down to the various sections by using the bookmarks below.

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