Reynold Brown original Illustration paintings and drawings are held by individual members of the Brown family. Fine Art is not currently represented by any galleries. However, paintings owned by individual collectors are frequently available through galleries and auction houses. Internet searches for “Reynold Brown” tied with gallery and auction can often find these works. Some original Reynold Brown Fine Art is available for sale through the Brown Family. Inquiries to Marie Reynolds, [email protected]

Licensing and usage

Please contact The Artists Rights Society (ARS),
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Reynold Brown's movie artwork often appears in other movies or on television. BACK TO THE FUTURE featured a number of Brown's posters in the marquee of the old drive-in theatre where some of the first time traveling was done. Brown's poster for the "Attack of the 50-foot Woman" was used in the apartment of Superboy's girlfriend, Lana Lang. Other iconic images have been featured in books and magazine articles.

Museum Use

Questions regarding use of material from the Reynold Brown Art Collection for public display by museums, institutions of higher learning etc. should be directed to:
Marie Reynolds, [email protected] 

Television Documentary

"THE MAN WHO DREW BUG-EYED MONSTERS,” produced by Mel Bucklin, Bucklin Productions, Lincoln, NE, this documentary began airing on National Public Television on July 17, 1996, and again aired nationally on AMC in October 2000.
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